What is the best way to start recharge and bill payment service on own business domain

If you have planned to target global customers on your business domain online then you should need to build a web application with recharges and bill payment services from one of best mobile recharge software Development Company that will help to serve you all in one recharge software and API solution at one place.

The competition is very tough in the industry of mobile recharge because several small recharge applications running on the web, so you need to analyze the competitors recharge website first to success in the recharge industry with your own brand name. After that implement your unique ideas in your recharge portal that will help to attract web customers, so include some promotional modules in your recharge portal like a promo code, refer a friend, coupon code etc.

Once you develop unique recharge and bill payment application for b2c business and live on a server after that anyone can access recharge website online with your own brand name or download mobile application from play store to make any recharge anytime from any location by making online payment through a payment gateway.

B2C recharge application software is the best way to target global customers, it’s running on your desire business domain, in this recharge application, you can offer all in one recharge and bill payment service to all across India.

It’s fully customized software with integrated payment gateway, with b2c recharge portal, you can reach global customers and establish own brand value in the online market.   

How It Useful for Customers

  • Any number of customers can do recharge and bill payment online also they are able to transfer wallet balance to another wallet instantly within a portal.
  • QR scan system integrated with b2c panel, so any registered customers can pay wallet balance to another registered customer wallet through QR can or mobile number
  • If any recharge goes fail, customer wallet instantly credited with recharge amount
  • Customer gets instant message or email on success recharge

How It Helpful for Admin

  • Admin has full authority to manage all customers through the admin panel and check recharge transaction, profit report, and website pages itself and able to generate promo code, coupon code, and refer a friend.
  • In the b2c recharge software, admin can integrate multiple recharges API, bulk SMS API, and admin able to shift route of recharge through switch API option.
  • And Admin will earn commission on each success recharge and bill payment.

If you are looking to establish brand value in recharge business then should start with b2c recharge software, its fully customized software, means any modification will possible as per client requirement and can add additional module like bus booking, DMR, flight booking in your b2c portal.

If you are searching for mobile recharge, bill payment, bus booking, flight booking, and DMR solution for your business, then it’s a right place, you can get software and API solution for your business in your budget.

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How to Develop and Promote Mobile Recharge & Ecommerce Website

We are web development company in India, and providing complete web solution for client business, and offering SEO friendly portal for mobile recharge, e-commerce shopping, and travel booking, so if you want to develop business portal for mobile recharge and e-commerce shopping then our experts can help to build you SEO friendly, mobile friendly and user friendly portal as per your business requirement.


Our company working on the latest technology to build client business website with high-security features. In the industry of mobile recharge and e-commerce shopping competition is very high, so build your unique website for mobile recharge and e-commerce shopping with all required features according to market demand, which helping to attract visitors and generating the lead for your business. At here we provide complete online marketing and web development and design solution for your business.

Once you developed and designed a website for use of mobile recharge and e-commerce shopping purpose with help of our technology specialist, can promote by using online marketing techniques, it’s the best technique to attract visitors and generating traffic on your mobile recharge and shopping portal.

And if you want online marketing solution for your business website then our experts can help to promote your business on the major search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and social media also. We have a professional team in digital marketing that provides SEO, SMO and content writing solution for client business.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the best way to improve brand value and traffic on your business portal. At noblewebstudio.com, you can hire SEO services as well web development service for your business and can promote business products or services on the internet market.

Best Way to Promote Mobile Recharge Services Online

The competition is very high in the industry of mobile recharge according to market and customer requirements because many small business already running in mobile recharge and offering recharge and bill payment options on recharge portal to the customers online.

So if you are planning to start own recharge portal with multi recharge service should consider latest version software for mobile recharge service, it helps to promote recharge services in front of competitors and success you in the industry of mobile recharge business.

How to develop Recharge Software Online?

Internet always helps to find you best mobile recharge software Development Company for your b2c recharge business, once found reputed software company that dealing in recharge software should develop & design user friendly mobile recharge website with b2c modules.

recharge website

B2c is a business to customers service means recharge solution available for direct users, any customers visit on your mobile recharge website can do any recharge through payment gateway, instant recharge delivers on the recharge number. And develop promotional features in your website which will to attract customers.

How to get traffic?

But customer traffic depends on your website structure. If it is developed according to SEO will get higher traffic from search engine, SEO friendly website fast and easy crawled by search engine, so keep in mind recharge website front end design should be SEO friendly.  And use some promotional activities.

What need to include in recharge website


And now internet users prefer secure and user friendly website for recharge purpose also want wallet transfer facility with QR scan system, so if you include wallet transfer facility with QR system in your recharge portal it would be great to generate higher traffic, recharge software with QR scan  is huge requirement in the industry.

mobile app

Mostly users hold android device and they prefer mobile application for recharge purpose, so build best UI mobile application for multi recharge service. It will also help to promote recharge services.

Best Margin Recharge API for Multi Recharge Service

Noble Web Studio is a well-known name in the recharge industry that providing all in one mobile recharge solution for startup or running recharge business. If you want to work in recharge business then must require fast response recharge API which plays the main role along with software service for any successful recharge business.

API known as application programming interface that creates an interface between telecom operators, it is part of recharge software, without recharge API can’t process any operator recharge. So if you want to develop recharge software from any vendor must confirm about recharge API and their commission structure.

We are here to offer best commission structure recharge API along with recharge software, our developed recharge API provide fast response for any operator recharge, It makes all recharge direct from the operator. We provide all recharge & bill pay service in master API which developed from the direct operator or reputed vendors so every recharge will get 100% success, so no need to wait for pending or dispute, every recharge hit in our master API will process 100% success and relevant commission automatically add in API user account.

We at providing complete recharge software development and API service for recharge industry, If you place an order for recharge software b2b, b2c, or white label then one of multi recharge API free integrated within the system with a higher commission structure that helps to run your recharge business successful in front of your competitors.

But if you want only recharge API then we can help to provide you industry best commission structure API for all operator recharge & bill pay services, which help to generate you higher revenue for your recharge business.


Integrate noble recharge API within your recharge system with an easy integration kit that offers by us, and enjoy all operator recharge service and earn a higher commission on each success recharge. Noble recharge API support multi-operator recharge service in single panel, our master API support all postpaid/prepaid recharge service of mobile, DTH, Datacard, and utility bill payment for all major state.

Along with Recharge Solution offer travel booking solution for travel agency or agents, with Industry best margin bus booking API ( Support 17000+ operators), Flight Booking API.

How Do You Start Working with Distributor & Retailer Network In Recharge Industry?

Do you want to start work in the recharge industry with distributor, retailer network then you should develop b2b recharge software according to own business plan with help of top software company that selling b2b recharge software according to client requirements, and deal in customize recharge software that keeps scope for further modification as per requirement of business. In the software industry, many companies selling white label solution, in the white label system have limited scope, can’t be modified as per business plan in future, so first start working with standard software for mobile recharge service with the b2b package.recharge software onlineOnce you develop own b2b recharge software can create any number of master distributor, distributor, and retailer in your panel and allow them to recharge facility on the web panel as well mobile application. In the b2b recharge software, admin earning depends on commission structure of the operators, and b2b commission distributes level wise automatically that decided by admin in commission package setting.

Advantage of standard b2b recharges software

Standard b2b recharge software have several advantages compared to white label, in the standard b2b recharge software can integrate multiple recharge API, and switch operator separately or API wise instantly, means can add higher margin API in the system, and it’s completely web-based system also allow Lapu API integration, all Lapu system recharge handle securely within the system. And master distributor can create any number of distributors, a retailer in their downline and distributor able to create retailer in their downline and they can recharge walk in customer postpaid/prepaid mobile, dth, Datacard, and electricity through web panel or android application and offline SMS.

In the b2b recharge software admin panel, member panel designed separately with eye attractive design and advanced accounting features added in the system that helpful for admin and their members for calculating daily earning in the recharge services.

Looking to start own b2b or b2c recharge software with own business requirement then consult with India’s best mobile recharge software & API solution development company Noble web studio that provide you industry best solution in lowest price.

User Friendly Software for Mobile Recharge with QR Scan Facility

It is good to make recharge application fully user-friendly because according to research customers prefer mobile application or recharge website which have a facility of online recharge along with payment transfer in any banks and wallet to wallet.

So if you are running recharge application for b2c customers then need to upgrade with QR scan facility along with wallet transfer facility, it helps to attract more customers to your business.

At here, we provide complete online recharge application and software with upgrade version which provides all in one recharge facility with QR scan, and wallet system, any user can do any recharge, anytime instantly through payment gateway or wallet, and one more option included money transfer via wallet to banks in a secure way.

Our developed recharge system is fully automated helping for recharge industry to improve performance in recharge services, there are many recharge options available in online recharge application where a user can recharge their mobile, DTH, landline, gas, electricity bill, data card and much more and make payment through a payment gateway. If any recharge goes failed then amount will be credited automatically to customer wallet. In our online recharge software included cash back and reward point’s features that give extra benefit to the customer that will be managed by admin. It’s fully dynamic portal for recharge services. So with the help of new version, b2c recharge portal can establish brand value in the recharge arena.

Along with b2c offer b2b recharge software helpful for the distributor, retailer network, any number of b2b members can do recharges of prepaid/postpaid mobile, Datacard, DTh and bill payment through web panel, offline SMS and mobile application to their walk-in customers instantly and will earn commission on each success recharge.

How B2B differ from B2C

B2B solution helpful for distributor, retailer network, and in that panel admin has authority to manage all their b2b members, In b2b admin decide commission package to their distributor, retailer and have authority to distribute virtual balance but b2c is complete online recharge software manage by admin, customers can only recharge their numbers through payment gateway or wallet, and every success recharge admin will get full commission, in that panel no need to distribute commission package or virtual balance.

B2b is business to business solution can create any number of levels like a master distributor, User-Friendly, retailer and b2c is a business to customer solution where any number of direct users can use application or website to recharge any number anytime online via net banking, debit/credit card.

In both application b2b, b2c admin can generate daily earning and profit report and have permission to integrate multiple recharge API or also connect lapu system, it’s a fully customize application for both business b2b or b2c.