How domestic money transfer software works?

Domestic money transfer software is real time application helpful in rural or urban area also, with the help of it can allow money transfer service for walk in customers, DMR is unique developed software supporting IMPS/NEFT banks.


Its fully customize solution including b2b, b2c modules, within the system can join any number of members, all your verified members can make easy money transfer for their walk in customers, admin of this software have full control to manage all members easily.

Within the money transfer software integrated its money transfer API, and software controls all request of money transfer and API play role to transfer the amount in customer bank account instantly according to mode of transfer IMPS or NEFT, in the system integrated money transfer API is authorized by RBI.

If you are looking to start money transfer service in your area then we can help to offer complete package money transfer software & API, so all API & software for money transfer available at one source, you can start money transfer service to your members.

Our designed money transfer software is fully user friendly allow hassle free money remittance. Any of your verified members can do money remittance easily just filling some detail of receiver bank account (name, account number, mobile number). In the rural areas its must required because lack of bank available, can make any time money transfer using this software service.



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