Why Mobile Recharge Companies use Web Platform for Recharge Services

In the mobile recharge business various companies allowing distributors, retailers recharge services offline through lapu based mobile recharge system, so any number of agents can do recharge to their walk in customers but it’s a time consuming process and many issues of pending or failed arrives in the lapu based recharge system. So we have developed web based software for mobile recharge services that eliminate all issues of lapu based system, and making recharge services faster.

Our cloud based recharge system available in different platform b2b or b2c without limitation of recharge services, any number of recharge services can offer to their customer’s offline or even online.

There are two modules using in the recharge industry b2b or b2c, where b2b helpful for distributor, retailer network, by using b2b panel can allow to their members recharge & bill payment service even offline services like water bill, insurance, pancard etc, any number of members can use b2b panel to recharge their walk in customer mobile, dth, datacard, and bill payment through website, mobile app, and offline SMS.

And b2c panel allow direct customers all in one recharge & bill payment services, they can do any recharge through payment gateway, its fully customized recharge software with integrated payment gateway making recharge services faster.

We provide all recharge software b2b, b2c with engaging design & high facility recharge features which helps to make any recharge business successful. Within recharge software can integrate any number of recharge API including lapu API or web API and high facility accounting features helping to control b2b, b2c members easily.

Cloud based recharge solution enabled all telecom & bill payment operator recharge service with higher commission margin, In the online recharge software no limitation of operator recharge service can offer multi recharge facility to your b2b or b2c members through website, mobile application and offline SMS.



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