How to start recharge and bill payment service on own domain

If you have planned to target global customers on your business domain online then you should need to build a web application with recharges and bill payment services from one of best mobile recharge software Development Company that will help to serve you all in one recharge software and API solution at one place.

The competition is very tough in the industry of mobile recharge because several small recharge applications running on the web, so you need to analyze the competitors recharge website first to success in the recharge industry with your own brand name. After that implement your unique ideas in your recharge portal that will help to attract web customers, so include some promotional modules in your recharge portal like a promo code, refer a friend, coupon code etc.

Once you develop unique recharge and bill payment application for b2c business and live on a server after that anyone can access recharge website online with your own brand name or download mobile application from play store to make any recharge anytime from any location by making online payment through a payment gateway.

B2C recharge application software is the best way to target global customers, it’s running on your desire business domain, in this recharge application, you can offer all in one recharge and bill payment service to all across India.

It’s fully customized software with integrated payment gateway, with b2c recharge portal, you can reach global customers and establish own brand value in the online market.

How It Useful for Customers

  • Any number of customers can do recharge and bill payment online also they are able to transfer wallet balance to another wallet instantly within a portal.
  • QR scan system integrated with b2c panel, so any registered customers can pay wallet balance to another registered customer wallet through QR can or mobile number
  • If any recharge goes fail, customer wallet instantly credited with recharge amount
  • Customer gets instant message or email on success recharge

How It Helpful for Admin

  • Admin has full authority to manage all customers through the admin panel and check recharge transaction, profit report, and website pages itself and able to generate promo code, coupon code, and refer a friend.
  • In the b2c recharge software, admin can integrate multiple recharges API, bulk SMS API, and admin able to shift route of recharge through switch API option.
  • And Admin will earn commission on each success recharge and bill payment.

If you are looking to establish brand value in recharge business then should start with b2c recharge software, its fully customized software, means any modification will possible as per client requirement and can add additional module like bus booking, DMR, flight booking in your b2c portal.

If you are searching for mobile recharge, bill payment, bus booking, flight booking, and DMR solution for your business, then it’s a right place, you can get software and API solution for your business in your budget.


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