Helpful Tips to Find API for Mobile Recharge Service

recharge-apiAPI stands for application programming interface which plays a vital for a related business to send or receive the request within the software, for example, recharge API, it is helpful for mobile recharge company with the help of recharge API & software can sell recharge service to customers.

There are many API vendors available in the Industry that provides recharge solution through API service, but all have different solution with different commission structure, here we are dealing with XML-based recharge API which is unique in the industry that provides fast response from all operators, means if you are looking API solution for recharge service then should find XML recharge API, it can help to improve recharge performance within your recharge system, we have made XML API for all recharge & bill pay services that also available with industry best commission stricture which helping to accelerate your recharge earning.

How API Works?

API is fully documented kit that integrated by the development team within the system, once API successfully integrated then customers request for any recharge & bill pay hitting in the recharge software, and all request send by the software for the operator through integrated recharge API, and response for any recharge receive from the operator, and once response received confirmation message delivered to recharge numbers.

Noble recharge API enable postpaid/prepaid recharges of mobile, DTH, Datacard, and electricity, so get integrate XML API in b2b or b2c recharge software and enjoy fast recharge services.



Upgraded Software for Mobile Recharge Service with Wallet Transfer Facility

Right now, Recharge Industry demanding wallet based recharge system for all in one mobile recharge & bill payment services, so after getting market needs upgraded mobile recharge software with wallet facility, where any number customers can do online payment in own wallet and can easy to withdraw wallet balance in own bank account, and can make any amount recharge on any number, it’s a totally process through one of third party payment gateway that integrated with recharge software.

If you are running an own recharge company and want to upgrade recharge system with latest version software, then it’s a right source where you can get complete recharge solutions for b2b or b2c business.

We at, provides recharge software & API solutions for mobile recharge industry vendors with great quality support and services helping to make successful business and promoting on the internet market.

We have 200+ happy clients in the industry of mobile recharge, our developed recharge software are user friendly and unique in the industry helps to boost performance in recharge services and making success in the recharge business.

Having a need of wallet based recharge software for b2c business then our company can provides recharge software with wallet and bank transfer facility with eye catching design and easy to understand recharge process, which will help to attract customers, and dynamic coupon & promo code generate facility also included and any number of recharge & other api integration facility, It’s fully customize software for mobile recharge service with integrated payment gateway.

With including recharge software offer one of recharge API and android mobile application with all recharge facility.

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Why Mobile Recharge Company Should Required Web Platform for Recharge Services

In the mobile recharge business various companies allowing distributors, retailers recharge services offline through lapu based mobile recharge system, so any number of agents can do recharge to their walk in customers but it’s a time consuming process and many issues of pending or failed arrives in the lapu based recharge system. So we have developed web based software for mobile recharge services that eliminate all issues of lapu based system, and making recharge services faster.

Our cloud based recharge system available in different platform b2b or b2c without limitation of recharge services, any number of recharge services can offer to their customer’s offline or even online.

There are two modules using in the recharge industry b2b or b2c, where b2b helpful for distributor, retailer network, by using b2b panel can allow to their members recharge & bill payment service even offline services like water bill, insurance, pancard etc, any number of members can use b2b panel to recharge their walk in customer mobile, dth, datacard, and bill payment through website, mobile app, and offline SMS.

And b2c panel allow direct customers all in one recharge & bill payment services, they can do any recharge through payment gateway, its fully customized recharge software with integrated payment gateway making recharge services faster.

We provide all recharge software b2b, b2c with engaging design & high facility recharge features which helps to make any recharge business successful. Within recharge software can integrate any number of recharge API including lapu API or web API and high facility accounting features helping to control b2b, b2c members easily.


Cloud based recharge solution enabled all telecom & bill payment operator recharge service with higher commission margin, In the online recharge software no limitation of operator recharge service can offer multi recharge facility to your b2b or b2c members through website, mobile application and offline SMS.


What Kind of Mobile Recharge Business More Helpful For Startup B2B or B2C

In the mobile recharge industry demand of recharge services increasing in urban as well as rural areas but town peoples keeps knowledge better than villagers in preference of internet, they prefer online website to recharge own or family mobile recharge, dth or datacard recharge even electricity also. But rural peoples prefer customer shop to recharge own mobile or family recharge.

So Mobile recharge business depends on your business strategy & target area, if you want to limit your recharge services in your town or city customer’s then b2b should be best options but want to spread recharge services all over India should prefer both b2b & b2c, with the help of b2c panel you can allow any number of website customer all in one recharge service, they can recharge instantly own number using internet banking/debit/credit card, and your recharge services available for all customers on web as well android mobile application.

According to current market scenario prefer both option b2b as well b2c for your startup mobile recharge business, by using b2b panel can target own city or other town retailers, distributor by offering all in one recharge & bill payment solutions with higher commission margin, and allow all recharge services for web customers using b2c panel.

Both solutions will helpful for any startup that give the boost up in recharge & bill payment services, we have designed this recharge software with high facility features according to current market requirement, its fully customized software solution helps to make client business successful.

In The recharge software have various options to manage recharge services securely also offline services admin can allow their b2b customers like pan card, water bill, insurance etc. and b2b members can recharge any mobile, dth, datacard, bill payment to their walk in customer using platform web, mobile app, SMS. And b2c freely for web customers can recharge any number any time using online banking.

How does domestic money transfer software work & benefit of it?

Domestic money transfer software is real time application helpful in rural or urban area also, with the help of it can allow money transfer service for walk in customers, DMR is unique developed software supporting IMPS/NEFT banks.


Its fully customize solution including b2b, b2c modules, within the system can join any number of members, all your verified members can make easy money transfer for their walk in customers, admin of this software have full control to manage all members easily.

Within the money transfer software integrated its money transfer API, and software controls all request of money transfer and API play role to transfer the amount in customer bank account instantly according to mode of transfer IMPS or NEFT, in the system integrated money transfer API is authorized by RBI.

If you are looking to start money transfer service in your area then we can help to offer complete package money transfer software & API, so all API & software for money transfer available at one source, you can start money transfer service to your members.

Our designed money transfer software is fully user friendly allow hassle free money remittance. Any of your verified members can do money remittance easily just filling some detail of receiver bank account (name, account number, mobile number). In the rural areas its must required because lack of bank available, can make any time money transfer using this software service.


Why Should Cloud Based Recharge Software More Useful

There are several benefits of cloud based recharge software which is allow multi recharge facility with all telecom & bill payment operators, It is better solution for every recharge vendors compared to lapu recharge system, It allow instant recharge service online to any number of distributor, retailer, and customer network, web recharge software is easy to accessible in any place via website or mobile application.

It allow easy recharge facility online or offline (SMS Recharge) for any number of distributor or retailer and customer can do recharge online through website or mobile application, it is completely advance software for mobile recharge industry helpful to improve client recharge business. It is fully customized recharge software, according to business plan change will be possible, easy to manage admin panel can control any number of members can view daily transaction, profit report.

In this software advance options available like admin can start offline services (water bill, insurance, pan card etc.) and multiple recharges API can be integrated web recharge API and Lapu API. This Cloud Recharge Software Designed & Developed in two Different Business Modules B2B, B2C, by using b2b recharge panel Can Allow recharge facility online via website & mobile application and offline through SMS recharge, Any number of distributor, retailer can recharge any mobile, dth, data card, bill pay, electricity to their walk in customers, by using b2b recharge software you can allow recharge service to all over India, and b2c is fully customized software solution for recharge service with integrated payment gateway, customer can do recharge any number anytime from any place by accessing recharge website or android application instantly.

It is completely advance version software for recharge business making recharge services faster also giving you higher commission on each successful recharge.

Mobile Recharge Software Development Required Recharge API Integration Service


As our recent research found many of recharge agents providing recharge service through separate operators recharge SIM, in that they have to manage separate SIM balance for recharge purpose and they can recharge only few operators, so we explore the way of recharges launched mobile recharge API which can perform various operators recharge including postpaid, prepaid, and electricity bill payment also. Recharge API provide a quick & easy recharge service, any operators recharge will be happen instantly, we have recharge API with XML response that would be easily integrated by skilled programmer using API manual document, our recharge API support all telecom operator recharge in single Sim API. So all postpaid/prepaid mobile, data card, dth recharge and electricity bill payment works in single mobile recharge API.

We offer free recharge API integration service with recharge software development, any mobile recharge company require API can get easily with us.

If any mobile recharge company required API development then we can help with you, with a noble recharge API, any company can start all in one recharge & bill payment service to their customers. We not provide only API also software development for recharge, within recharge system Multiple API’s can be integrated and API administrator can easily switch these API between operators.

The recharging facility is provided through B2B and B2C portal and also through white label, where recharge API must be integrated, which generate maximum commission on each success recharge.

In the B2B portal recharging option available for all major operators. Profitable commission and attractive offers are also striking features. It can track all the transaction & accounting. Instant confirmation is received via mail or SMS after the recharge is completed, and recharge facility enabled in website, mobile app, offline SMS.

B2C panel special designed for customers can recharge their prepaid mobile, DTH, electricity with help of easy steps. A confirmation is received instantly on recharge number or registered email once the recharge is done. By visiting b2c recharge website customer can view different recharge plans and schemes available by different operators. Recharge API play an important role, it will be integrated within recharge panel facilitates anytime, anywhere recharge of prepaid mobile, DTH and data card through website or mobile app. Single Sim Multiple Recharge helping to maintaining separate collection for each mobile operator.

Our designed mobile recharge software supports all major recharge & bill payment operators, and instant recharge will be happen on recharge number.